pack for vacationYou have a huge vacation coming up; you have been looking forward to it for weeks, maybe even months.

It’s the winter time and you live in the Midwest yet you are going on a cruise to the Caribbean so you need to pack completely out of your season as well as for a multitude of daily destinations.

1. Have your itinerary in front of you or take the time to write down where you will be each day and what you will be doing at each location.

Make sure you and your significant other, friends, family or whomever you are going with are all on the same page in regards to when you are getting dressed up for dinner and when you’re going hiking in the mountains. You should have every minute of every day lined out in front of you right now.

2. Start with your ‘first day’ and ‘last day’ outfits. This means the outfit you will be wearing when you board the cruise. I would highly recommend wearing the same thing on the last day as well; one last thing to pack and you won’t be making an entire day out of the outfit either time.

3. Talk to people about your destinations and get a feel for the people, the weather, the style and expectations of the locals. You must likely don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb so if the locals dress up then you’ll dress up as well.

4. Count how many dressy dinners or dressy nights out you will have and pack accordingly. If you are a female pack a few different dresses or evening gowns and some nice pant suits. If you are a male pack a tux and several suits or maybe just a few suits but several fun and funky shirts and ties.

5. Pack many swim suits. Pack swimsuits with different straps so you can even out your tan lines as much as possible. And while we’re speaking of it; pack sunscreen!

6. Pack a couple of work-out outfits. Even if you aren’t a gym-rat you will be surprised at what people can talk you into when you’re on vacation. Who knows you may end up hiking in the mountains or taking a long walk along the sea board.

Along with the work-out clothes take a pair of tennis shoes and if you’re a woman take a few sports’ bras. Oftentimes cruise ships have extremely fun fitness classes you may get a wild hair and decide to participate in.


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