party fashionConsider it a girls’ night with cocktails and cheese and crackers while shopping clearance aisles. Consider it a way to shop without spending any money. Confused? Have a fashion exchange at your house!

Think of it as a garage sale with super cute clothes! If you think about it how many of us are just plain sick and tired of our wardrobe yet can be at the coffee shop and someone compliments our shirt or our skinny jeans.

The wardrobe we are sick of is a treasure to someone who hasn’t been wearing it or looking at it for the last three seasons! The concept of a fashion exchange is that everyone who is invited brings a certain number of items and exchanges clothing!

You can have appetizers and wine and have some fun music playing in the background. What a perfect way to get the girls’ together for a night of shopping and fun!

When you are considering the invite list keep in mind people’s fashion style and sizes. You don’t want to invite a size 4 to a party with all size 12 women nor do you want to invite a size 16 to a party with all size 6 women. So, try to keep it neutral and invite women of all different sizes you never know!

Make the invitations fun and intriguing for the guests but make sure they clearly state the purpose of the evening and how many items they are to bring. If there are ten guests and everyone brings three items then everyone also leaves with three items.

Now there are two different ways you can organize your party. You can set all the clothing on wardrobe hanging racks and let the women mingle around casually looking at the clothing and taking what they want or you can do a raffle system.

You can pull a name out of a hat (a really cute and trendy hat!) and that person gets to pick one item first. Then you pull the second name, etc. Once you go all the way through you would re-draw names to give people another chance to go first and get what they want.

The object of the evening is to get your girlfriends together and everyone can get rid of the clothes they are sick of and take home new clothes they are excited about!


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