pair of jeansShopping for jeans is an activity that I am pretty sure even Megan Fox dreads. I mean who enjoys shopping for jeans? They’re either too short or too long, the crotch hangs too low or the waist is too high; jeans shopping can certainly be a pain in the rear.

I have discovered over the years there are very distinct differences in jeans and jeans designs. There are jeans that are made for skinny girls who are actually shaped like boys with no hips. There are jeans designed for normal women with some hip and butt and a little thigh action.

There are also jeans designed for plus-size women who are just larger all over. There are some jeans designed for extremely short legged women and even fewer jeans designed for extremely long legged women.

For petite women who are curvy, sizes 2-8 with short legs we usually have a difficult time finding jeans that aren’t too long while at the same time aren’t too long in the crotch.

Because we are shorter everything about us is shorter including for most of us, the distance between our waist line and our crotch. I have found that White House Black Market and Ann Taylor Loft have the most flattering jeans for this body style.

I have found that for women who are straight up and down, on the thinner side with no real curves, Banana Republic and Gap jeans are flattering on those body styles.

For bigger and curvier women sizes 14 and up I have found that the various upscale department stores carry great name brands. I also think Lane Bryant has some very flattering clothes for bigger women.

For long legged women I think Guess makes great jeans. I hate to say it because Guess was the brand that took away my self-esteem in the 80s when I couldn’t wear them because I was ‘curvy’ but they really do look great on long legged and skinny women.

Seven jeans look great on nearly everyone I have seen them on. They’re specially made to make the booty look cute no matter your size they’re also quite expensive though.

Whatever your size, make and model please remember you aren’t the only one who dislikes jeans shopping and you certainly aren’t the only one who cannot find jeans that are big enough in the legs, small enough in the waist and you aren’t the only one who cannot wear skinny jeans!


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