men shoesUntil I researched the top men’s shoes for fall and winter 2009 I had no idea what men went through when looking for and purchasing shoes. Not only are men’s shoes all the same they are almost more expensive than women’s shoes.

Basically men’s shoes are functional and share similar designs. But this is not necessarily true and there are actually variations in men’s shoes. In fact it is important that men do their research before spending good money on a pair of shoes because that trendy pair may actually be extremely uncomfortable and with a little research, he could spend the same amount on a better design and fit and more functionality.

The main difference between men and women when buying shoes is men look for comfort and women want something that looks fabulous. Fortunately for men it is much easier to find style and comfort in the same shoe.

According to our research it seems most high quality high-end men’s dress shoes begin around $350.00. And, men’s shoes typically range from $350 to $1,000 or more.

Here we have 5 of the most comfortable and yet stylish men’s shoes for fall and winter 2009:

  1. New & Lingwood British Stamford Loafer is exactly what you would picture when thinking of the stiff upper-lip Brits wearing their classic Oxford loafers and Jodhpur boots. The Stamford Loafer is handcrafted and highly polished available in chocolate suede or black calf.
  2. J.M. Weston French Split Toe “New Style” by Michael Perry is a French designed ‘old style’ and classic shoe. The split toe is eye-catching and elongated and more aptly suited for the country club with its distinct and contemporary shape.
  3. John Lobb European Jermyn II New Classics shoe is designed by a Hermes-owned and Paris-based shoemaker. This shoe is cut from a single piece of leather and is sleeker and more contemporary than its counterparts with the same style.
  4. Edward Green British is a classic British shoemaker with styles of the highest quality and hand crafted men’s dress shoes. Edward Green makes shoes from more exotic materials such as iguana and snake as well.
  5. The Alden American Plain Toe Blucher Oxford shoe has lasted over a century sticking to what they know which is making high end and conservative American classic men’s dress shoes.


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