boho bagsThere are hand bags, there are purses, there are totes, there are boho bags and then there is the classic clutch! Nothing can so beautifully set off and accessorize an outfit as the classic clutch bag.

Observe: all the lovely ladies that grace the Red Carpet; what is the only kind of bag or purse they can be seen sporting? Why the clutch purse of course? Most red carpet celebs wouldn’t be caught dead with anything else! It may be little in terms of what you can carry in it, (cell phone, credit card, lipstick, paper napkin? Probably not all of it) but it packs a punch when it comes to style quotient!

Whether it is classic strap clutch or the clutch with a chain as popularized by Christian Lacroix or those adorable tiny Hervé Léger bags clutches are the thing to be seen with.

From faux reptile print to real hide, from silk to wool, clutch purses can be plain or embellished just as you may want. The sequined or the beaded clutch purse spells instant glamour and the tapestry or embroidered clutch is all about old world charm!

Whichever one be your preference, the classic clutch purse is one accessory that your wardrobe cannot afford to do without.


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