high heelsNo this isn’t a post for all those out there with the shoe fetish; just a few things you can do for yourself to show off those lovely limbs to best advantage.

Now to make those legs look as though they went on forever, you need High Heels with No Ankle Strap.

What that ankle strap does is, it interrupts the line of your leg, and makes it appear shorter. However if there was no ankle strap impeding the view of the leg, the leg itself would appear longer, with the extra inches added by the high heel accentuating the illusion.

And worry not, if stilettos are not your thing (teetering on those tall ones may not be everyone’s thing), wedges will do the work as well! A smart high wedge will add those inches to your frame without the pain and will also accentuate the length of your legs. But remember, sling backs rather than ankle straps!

If you just had a pedicure that you wanted to show off, there is nothing quite like the peep toe shoe, to show those pretty feet to best advantage. These shoes have the advantage of being able to contain and disguise even a wide foot while giving the hint of dainty toes. Besides, those peep toes can be flat or tall just as you need them to be!


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