laptop bagIt seems as if every woman has a laptop which means every woman should have a laptop bag. Women in the corporate world, stay at home moms, and self employed freelance writing women can all have laptops.

This same group of women can all be very stylish and fashionably conscious as well! So what exactly do you look for in a laptop bag and where can you find one that fits your needs and your personality?

If you are patient and look for awhile you will be able to find a laptop case that suits your style perfectly. For example, just a few months ago my mother gave me a laptop case as a gift. She had found it in some little boutique in Iowa of all places.

The laptop case had dogs all over it. I am a dog lover. And just the other day I saw a woman at the coffee shop that had a laptop case with golf clubs all over it.

Clearly a golfer! has a great layout on their site for laptop bags. The site has reviews for each bag and breaks down the features of the bags. There are so many cute laptop cases out there. Gold Medal also has a great selection of laptop cases.

I have a 17” laptop so it’s a bit more difficult for me to find cute laptop cases but Gold Medal has a great selection. You could even search eBay for cute laptop cases that show off your style and personality.

Make sure you know how big your laptop is before you order or buy your laptop case. Most laptops now a days are 15 inches however there are still Notebook laptops as small as 10 inches and some people have laptops bigger than 17 inches and even 19 to 20 inches.

If you just need a laptop case to carry to and from work, or to and from the coffee shop you’re going to have more of a selection. However if you’re going to put your laptop through some wear and tear you will need a very sturdy laptop case or even an aluminum case.

Bottom line is it is extremely possible to be fashionable while lugging around a 20 lb laptop case. You just have to do a little searching and find something that matches your style!


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