medium hair cut

The goal of almost every woman on the globe is to look younger than the age on their driver’s license, but while you may not be able to lie about that date there are a few good ways that you can let your appearance do the deceiving for you.

One of the primary ways to appear younger then you actually are, is to choose the correct haircut. An excellent haircut can hide your imperfections and flaws while also highlighting your assets if you have a hairstylist who knows how to work with your hair.

Once you find the golden hairstylist its time to look honestly at your hair and evaluate what it can do for you and what you would like it do to. Somewhere in the middle of that discussion is the perfect median that will drop years off your face instantly.

A universal haircut that will make most woman look years younger is a hairstyle that falls somewhere between the shoulders and your chin.

medium hair cut1

Medium hair is extremely flattering because it is short enough to come out and long enough to pull out which leaves you with plenty of options when it comes to styling your hair. As a perk, it is also easy to care for which is a must if you lead a busy life.

You also want to keep your hair well conditioned because shiny hair is naturally achieved in youth so the shiner you can keep your hair the brighter your face will look and the younger you will as well. Adding in layers is also another excellent trick since it will give your hair back some of its youthful bounce and will make you look like you have a spring in your step as well.


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