ny fashion weekLos Angeles may be the hub of everything film related, but when it comes to Fashion Weeks, it can’t quite keep up with its East Coast counterpart.

Sure it is an event held twice a year, but the so called ‘designers’ featured there seem to be socialites and reality TV celebs moonlighting as (or do we mean impersonating?) designers.

We all know that Paris Hilton and her pet pooch photograph really well and that both have the personal style to grace the tabloids, but really as a designer? Well, not so much.

It would seem that designers are just not that interested in the LA Fashion Week. Quite frankly the New York Fashion week outclasses the LA Fashion Week and designers are not finding it worth their while speaking in terms of the bottom line. And we aren’t talking hemlines here!

The reason perhaps is that LA is more concerned with wearing couture than creating it, and the Wall Street Journal reported that the LA Fashion Week may well become history soon.

An attempt is being made to rekindle the fast fading interest in the event by the likes of Doris Raymond and Tarina Tarantino which does not seem to be striking the right notes. So if the prognosis is accurate, the LA Fashion week will soon be history.


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