obama michellePerhaps more than any other First Lady of the United States of America since Jacqueline Kennedy, it is the current President’s wife, Michelle Obama, who has been grabbing eyeballs with her, smart, eye-catching, glamorous and even sometimes unconventional wardrobe.

Now as the US President Barack Obama and his wife are on their state visit to Russia, minute attention is being paid to the way the first lady dresses, and inevitably, comparisons with her Russian counterpart are also being made.

If Mrs. Obama is being lauded for the smart and elegant brand of glamour she has displayed as she and her husband do the rounds of all the obligatory official visits, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s wife Svetlana’s dress sense, is seen as low key and conservative by contrast.

There is also the perception that the Russian populace does not appreciate the First Lady as being out there and visibly possessed of an individual voice and identity as perhaps Michelle Obama is known to have.

The fact that she is not just a glamorous woman gracing the arm of a powerful man but woman with ideas of her own and her own take on tackling issues is perhaps an idea that the Russians are still grappling with. Meanwhile the American first lady’s impeccable sense of style is making waves; of the right kind!


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