big sunglassesWe all love them and most of us are secretly jealous when we see someone wearing them because we feel a bit awkward and stupid when we wear them. We’re talking about big sunglasses folks!

The big bug-eyed sunglasses that make Mary Kate and Ashley look like Aliens, the kind of big sunglasses that make Victoria Beckham look even more anorexic if that is possible. What exactly is the allure to these humongous bug-eyed sunglasses that are bigger than our faces?

Big sunglasses remind me of someone steering clear of the paparazzi and that is the main reason I think they’re so incredibly sexy. Maybe it goes back to the days of Audrey Hepburn, which you realize means huge bug-eyed sunglasses have been in for much longer than the 2000s.

Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of style and fame, and her big sunglasses cried out ‘shield me from the paparazzi!’ and we fell for it. And continue to fall for it!

Apart from the fact that oversized sunglasses make you feel like a celebrity and give you an added boost of confidence it has actually been proven they shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun more efficiently than standard sunglasses do. So, the next time your mom tells you that you look ridiculous you can tell her you are protecting your eyes!

Never mind the fact that big sunglasses make you look smaller. Face it, deep down we all secretly desire to be waifish if even it is just for a moment. What better way to look tiny and feel tiny than having a pair of sunglasses on your face that are bigger than your face itself!

Lately top designers such as Prada and Jimmy Choo are taking advantage of the oversized sunglasses trend and actually making the frames into shapes. Prada just came out with oversized sunglasses with frames that are shaped like butterflies.

Jimmy Choo has designed a pair of oversized sunglasses that look like cat-eyes. Currently the hottest and biggest pair of oversized sunglasses goes to Balenciaga.

Just because Hollywood made the oversized sunglasses trend doesn’t mean you have to spend a Hollywood salary for a pair of them. Gigi, Mischa, and Preston & York all have oversized ‘glam’ sunglasses on the market that are hot, trendy and very affordable.


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