Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010It seems the prodigy of English fashion had found within his imagination a different kind of men’s collection.

The 2010 Spring/Summer project brings a classical line with surprising color details resembling a lot the work of a careless but artistic house painter.

Alexander McQueen dropped his fashion genius on a canvas freshly painted and transferred the nuances and shapes on shirts and trousers.

The denim trousers come with a “paint like” hand print and assorted with a white shirt with the same prints, hugging style on the chest.

White shirts, with surprising eagle graphics are put in combination with wear-out pants in bleached brown and indigo. The pants are a bit short or rolled up in gold mining style.

The entire collection is inspired from a working construction field; even the suits wearing a colored lineage that make them look unfinished but also very hip.

The wear-out details are present on almost on all the items including the “cemented” boots.

The suits follow a classic line with vintage accent on the detailed doubled buttons and pockets.

All the shirts and T-shirts have a certain detail, drawing or paint mark, graphic lines of photographed newspapers.  As a 100% masculine accessory the grey and stained black hat are omnipresent.

Alexander McQueen expresses through this “analyze that” collection an affinity to rough reality and its colorful privilege to stain human lives. The Spring /Summer 2010 men’s collection is a collection with attitude.


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