A pair of cool shades speaks a thousand words. Hmm…is this really accurate? Sunglasses have been around decades now, and were first used to protect our precious sight from sun’s intrusions. Gradually they became a comfortable protection against the remains of a troublesome after-party morning.

In the last decades being hip or going for a star like look involves the obligation of wearing a fashionable, and if possible, designer style sunglasses. It should be interesting to overlook a group of designer shades and figure out what exactly defines the right pair of sunglasses to be a craved and appreciated fashion accessory.

As any item in the fashion world, the designer sunglasses have the opportunity to be seen on different stars and public figures. These trend setters are responsible for the statement that says which glasses are fashionable and which are not.

So let’s get started and analyze them up in a grading manner according to the fashion magazines all over the world.

1. Stella McCartney designer sunglasses

stella mccartney designer sunglassesThey are large and smoky with lenses on shades of steamy grey, optically resembling the glamour of the sixties. They are the representation of a bold combination of thick frame and wide lenses suited for an oval face.Because they are large go nicely with a straight hair style with a short wild hair for a sexy rebel look.

They were seen on Halle Berry, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani during both day and night and they are considered by Cosmopolitan magazine the talk of the music business apparel.

2. 2009 DVB Sunglass Collection

dvb sunglassesOriginally looked upon like another wimp of Victoria’s “wanna be designer attitude” the sunglasses became quite catchy and intoxicating in the fashion apparel world.

Thick frame or metal thin frame, with lenses in shades from gray to purple with lots of caramel and coffee in between DVB glasses are perfect for any fashionista.

They are worn by Eva Longoria, Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Lohan and of course by, the always trendy, Victoria herself. These glasses seem to have developed a cult and more and more celebrities are joining.

3. Dolce Gabbana DG 2024 sunglasses

dolce gabbana DG 2024 sunglassesDesigned to be unisex, with metallic frame and uniform grey shading of the lenses, Dolce Gabbana DG 2024 sunglasses, are a clear but stylish combination of “should one go pilot” or “should one go classy”.

They fit both a rapper and a feminine sex-symbol, a classy suit and an alluring cocktail dress and even more look fabulous during a sunny summer evening. They are the most universal glasses on the market today.

Dolce Gabbana DG 2024 sunglasses were photographed on Ludacris and Kim Kardashian but also on Pink. So if stars like D&G so do we.

4. Marc Jacobs MJ098S Sunglasses

marc jacobs MJ098S sunglassesLight as a feather, comfortable and mighty chic these amazing shades are and example of how stylish such an ordinary accessory can be. Their bluish nuance of the lens and the exotic gradient makes them perfect for a summer outfit and also for a flower power look.

Unique details and thin frame are a refreshing combination along with the spectacular lenses. They were spotted by People’s magazine on Hillary Duff and promised to be seen on many more fashion icons.

5. Ray-Ban RB 2140 Wayfarer

ray ban RB 2140 wayfarerWith a kind of a vintage look these sunglasses promise to be the 2009 talk of the city. Thick colorful frames in a surprising variation of nuances, with dark grey lenses are aiming for a fashion diva look.

You have to admit the white frame pair worn by Jessica Alba in the cover photo for the Campari advertisement is the most fashionable ever. It seems the same opinion about this model is sustained by Fergie and Sienna Miller. So the bottom line is they are a hit of this season.

6. Prada 18IS sunglasses

prada 18ISYou’ve got to love these sunglasses. So very star style like and so very fashionable no matter the shape of the face, go perfectly with long hair, short hair, casual look or elegant, black, blue, grey and purple like no other glasses do.

They are large enough with their butterfly like shape so they would look fantastic in any light. The lenses can be found in almost any color possible matching the plastic frame.

They are usually worn by Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue and they are a distinctive mark of elegance.

7. Gucci GG3034 D28

gucci 3024 D28These drama queen glasses come with a thick colorful frame and a giant logo on both sides. They are oversized and charismatic, with lenses in shades of blue, brown or tortoise; an experiment resulting a pair of fabulous shades with the exact amount of glamour next to the precise elegance.

These are the perfect glasses for a summer cocktail party but also for a perfect day by the pool. Gucci GG3034 D28 were seen on Lucy Liu, Kylie Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow.

8. Oliver Peoples Mariette

oliver peoples marietteClassy and smart with a large frame and smoky lenses these glasses are definitely a runner up. They bring a certain charm to any face suiting perfectly the blondes and the brunettes and have that certain “it” that makes them look great with any outfit.

Oliver Peoples Mariette are that type of sunglasses fitted to any occasion delicate but outstanding in the same time. The celebrity fans are Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Brook and Liv Tyler.

9. Oliver Peoples Sofiane glasses

oliver peoples sofianeLady style sunglasses, elegant and large enough to have a hint of vintage they are the perfect accessory for a look of smashing elegance.

The elegant frame partially translucent in combination with glorious colored lenses seems to be the talk of this summer.

They were seen on celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Tori Spelling and of course Katie Holmes the Oliver Peoples “addict”.

10. Chanel4160Q

chanel4160QThis hip pair of shades goes off the chart with glamour. Imitating a mixture of aviator and sci-fi with their glorious detail makes them stand out anywhere. They are the perfect choice for a material girl with their slick line and wonderful gradient lenses.

They come in blue, grey and green very spectacular no matter the color. They were seen on Rihanna, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan, going perfect with summer or fall outfits and a variety of hairstyles.

The sunglasses fashion is as changing as the wind but certain items seem to be stuck there forever. There are sunglasses that bring up the image of a certain hero from the movies or a particular fashion icon seen on the front page of a magazine, and that are the decisive factor for their constant popularity.


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