summer outfitsAfter the Milan fashion week has ended everyone was on tiptoes to see the launched trends hit the 5th Avenue stores and they absolutely did.

The 2009 summer promised then a fabulous introduction in the world of colors, bold and opulent and very luxurious accessories having as common goal the transformation of any woman into a glamorous, romantic but very urban diva.

So…since June draws up July closer and closer and  the cafés and clubs are waiting ladies to present their pretty figures and stylish summer outfits, the shops come forward with an amazing combination of designer clothes all following the trends of the season.

A beautiful blonde can choose a Josephine, long muslin dress, in a strong combination of light grey and blushing purple with the top lined with crystals worn with a glorious soft straw white hat. Of course this summer outfit goes perfectly with roman sandals and suits almost any silhouette.

For the brunettes the summer style brings sexy white safari shorts with silk loose tops dropped on one shoulder, provocative and so close to the freedom writer’s style. Also bracelets are a must, a drop of gold or silver …or simply both are perfect for this summer outfit. The shoes to fit are high platforms elegant but comfortable in vivid colors meant to make the legs look longer and very alluring.

The redheads are recommended 40’s style with Grace Kelly style dresses in one color or with flower prints in contrast, classy and chic, very lady like emphasizing the waist line and stopping above the knee for a very elegant look. Such a dress is completed by high hills sandals in matching colors.

These outfits are merely examples of how many options a woman has this summer.

The multitude of colors combined with corsets, wide shiny belts, large colorful bags for day time and pretty sparkling bags for the summer evening outings can only make the outfits more feminine and more heartbreaking.


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