The most important designers in men’s fashion gathered in Milan to present the trends for the fall-winter fashion 2009-2010. Of many ideas the more distinctive once presented a return to classic in a combination of casual, black and bold.

Milan men's fashion week

Moschino created this collection for those into military style approaching trench coats in the same inspiration and typical colors like brown, green, olive and grey.

House of Prada offers new proposal for men’s fashion wear following the classical and smooth and simple style. The base colors remain black and grey without many accessories, the clothes keeping a simple cut and perfect lines.

Louis Vuitton follows the casual with tight jackets, scarves, hats and caps together with sports shoes. The colors are practical, black, grey and blue. It is an elegant wearable proposal but not necessarily new.

The newest trends are brought by Hugo Boss which through the designer Bruno Pieter created a collection inspired by the German expressionism with abrupt architectural lines, many angles and cuts and as colors the simple black or black and white contrast.

Christopher Bailey proposes a return to the roots of the Burberry patrimony.

This is the reason for which many of the previous collection elements are present in this one. The marking stones are the pullovers, caps and scarves.

Angela Missoni usually brings models on color patterns but for the coming season she proposes softer nuances of grey, blue and olive with a variation of graphical playground that create extravagant combinations.

And finally Adam Sagnolo’s collections walks on the path of dark and mysterious in some kind of bold combination of textures and fabrics, combining wool and leather with cotton and the Turkish and Japanese style tunic with US Army style boots.

Overlooking these collections the conclusion is that the designers oriented themselves in an almost colorless direction following discreet lines and a more serious orientation.


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