sienna millerSurprising or not, one of the beloved fashion icons of nowadays hides inside one of the most lovable Hollywood actress – a rebel angel called Sienna Miller.

The British/American actress denying her American origins has become a fashion icon in her adoptive country adopting a boho-chic style self imposed without any stylist’s consultancy.

For the “every day” outfits Sienna approaches a bohemian look extremely charming and relaxed but also very hip.

The most popular items in Sienna’s outfits are leather jackets; cardigans, jerseys, skinny jeans, denim mini skirt or contrary, long gipsy skirts in hippie style combined with velour boots and oversized bags, all perfectly associated to create a feminine but fashionable look. Also the baby doll tops worn with jeans and cowboy boots are her signature style.

Sienna combines fabulous scarves with colorful beads, large sunglasses and the so famous Fedora hat she loves the most.

The beautiful actress wears miniskirts one day and “garcons” outfits the next with white shirt, vest and of course a slender tie. After she played Eddie Sedgwick the 60’s idol, Sienna started wearing the same 3/4 sleeve jackets ,mini skirts and dresses, bootees and even the short hair cut that makes her look very sweet.

Under the spot light and on the red carpet the gorgeous blonde is always on the line with the event she is attending. Her outfits are always glamorous and refined but in the same time always her style. The most popular of her choices are the fairy style dresses, white, grey or silver, pastel silk dresses but also slender purple or black outfits like the black boudoir dress signed by Stella McCartney that she wore at the premiere of the movie “Casanova”.

The 60’s trends are present also in these outfits. Large chandelier earrings, wide bracelets and a perfectly picked envelope bag are exactly the touch that makes her stand out as a fashion icon.

Sienna has favorite designers like Mathew Williamson and Marchesa as well as famous brands like Channel.

As for the make-up and hair style Sienna is very much into minimalist style. She likes to wear her natural beauty underlined with a drop of mascara and lip-gloss. Usually at glamorous events she wears that kind of make up that would emphasize her beautiful blue eyes. Her hair is styled in soft curls or caught is a loose stylish bun that makes her look irresistible.

Sienna’s style became so popular that all over the web are sites preaching her style teaching ladies how to dress like their fashion icon.


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