summer shoesDecorated or classy and simple the summer 2009 shoes come in all shapes and sizes so un-conformist and imaginative, with high heels, low heels, colored or monochromatic …in short you can wear everything.

This summer the imagination is the only fashion guideline in shoes.

If the comfort is the purpose the designers offer a large variety of sandals and slippers matching the personality and mood of every woman.

One can choose easily between elegant high heels and comfortable ballet shoes. The wood sole sandals are in trend again so the 60s-70s tendencies are totally back.

The heels if worn have to be high, even very high. The trend of this style of summer shoes has target creating the appearance of fashion model legs and the impression of a slender silhouette.

The new 2009 summer shoes don’t have to necessarily be uncomfortable. There are also in style the colorful ballet shoes and platforms. These kinds of shoes go perfectly even with an elegant outfit. One just has to consider a stripe around the ankle and the effect is fabulous when worn with a classy dress or skirt.

Because this season has accessories as signature the summer sandals are dressed up accordingly. The models come with colorful crystals, dots, laces and flowers sown on the stripping.

Of course ladies must be careful with the association. For example a cocktail dress goes beautifully with thin stripes set in different shapes and a pair of platforms is perfect for shorts and the list can go on.

There is no interdiction when choosing the color in this season and the trends come as a wonderful excuse to improve one’s collection of fabulous summer shoes.


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