body artPainted prints are one of favorites  for many of them from past few seasons, particularly watercolor prints.

Watercolor prints are meant to look like just that – they are inspired by watercolor paintings.

Similarly, Body and face painting is everywhere some of it better than others. So make your mark with the help of the professionals.  You’ve heard the beauty mantras before: treat your face like a canvas.

Be an artist. Play with your palette. Usually, that just means grabbing your Shu Uemura blending brush and setting to with some eye shadow. Not any longer.

Suddenly, this summer, everyone is channeling their inner Tracey Emin when it comes to cosmetics, and body art is big news. Maybe it’s the influence of Bat for Lashes; she — along with many a Glasto reveller — was sporting elaborate make-up drawings on her festival face.

Maybe it’s all part of the current 1970s fashion references. Or maybe we just want a tad more individuality. Whatever the reason, here are a few ways to become a properly painted lady.

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