For those that watched Sex & the City and drooled over Carrie’s shoe collection in wonder, your fetish may actually be priced right to come home with you soon, as the brand new line of low cost Jimmy Choo’s are set to debut at H&M stores across the world on November 14.

jimmy chooOf course, this may cause a bit of a stir at Payless Shoes and Forever 21 given that people are not going to buy offbrands when they can pick up Jimmy Choo’s for the same price at H&M, but let’s be honest, do you really care?

Outside of Carrie Bradshaw, when most people think of Jimmy Choo’s who are emerged in the shoe world enough to know that it’s a designer shoe and not an entrée at the Chinese buffet, they think of Hollywood red carpets and/or the impeccable choices of First Lady Michelle Obama who owns several of the designs. However, most people do not think about owning their own pair given the high price tag, until now that is.

jimmy choo1

With the emergence of a new Jimmy Choo line at affordable prices in select H&M stores it may be worth an hour commute to just take home a pair for yourself. This is possibly one reason why H&M continues to thrive, since they are quite good at snagging designers to do low budget collections for their customers who return the favor by buying up the results.

For those who want the real down information, here it is. H&M’s collection will include about a dozen shoes for women, and four models for the men who want a piece of the action as well weighing in at the low cost of  $50 – $75.


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