Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson is right on trend in fashion terms as she is one of the first to make the switch from Domestic Goddess to Brunette Bombshell.

The hourglass ‘look’ that Miss Nigella Lawson has chosen for several film premieres and has bought in bulk for her summer holidays in the Hamptons is the look that is going like a bomb on the high street.

Miss Lawson started her plunge-front, retro-look fashion escapades with a couple of well-chosen outfits from Vivienne Westwood’s funky, younger Anglomania collection when she has been chosen as the female celebrity with the figure most men and women adore.

But, soon she changed to the more curvaceous, form-fitting allure of the ‘bombshell dress’ by Katya Wildman. The “bombshell” has become a red-hot seller Notting Hill boutique, The Dispensary.

Source: Telegraph


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