michael jackson gloveAs the world bid adieu to the undisputed king of pop Michael Jackson, in a grand memorial service, some celebrities choose to bide a fond farewell with the very fashion statement that the entertainment icon so made his own; the single, sparkly, white Michael Jackson glove.

The Brothers of Jackson appeared with matching sparkly gloves as a fashion tribute to M.J. Reportedly pop diva Madonna wore a sequined glove in tribute to Michael Jackson as she had dinner with close friend Stella McCartney.

MJ made that single glove a style statement all his own. It was designed by Ted Shell in 1984, decorated with beads and crystal rhinestones. Supposedly the glove also was fitted with 50 small lights powered by a single 9v battery fitted into the cuff of the glove.

It was during 1983, at the time that Thriller (the highest selling album of all time), came out that the single glove became an icon, a symbol of the unique entertainer that MJ was.

Some years back, Michael Jackson glove appeared for sale on ebay, for the sum of $388,000. The story goes that Jackson had presented the glove to Sammy David Jr. which, in 1995 was auctioned off as part of his estate. The price of that glove has probably shot up now.


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