hot tankinisYou’ve heard of bikinis of course and you’ve also heard about the monokini, the thong, the string bikini the maillot; but are you on nodding terms the tankini?

Oprah Winfrey has famously and repeatedly remarked that she and her midsection would not be seen dead in a bikini and a quarter of America vociferously seconded her view.

There perhaps was born the tankini, a two piece swim suit that offers coverage of a one piece and convenience of a bikini. You can go swimming and play beach volley ball without concern that your bikini top may slip or depart from its moorings altogether.

You don’t have to worry about the stretch marks showing or fear that people will cotton on that the waist is a thing of the past.

What emerged from this happy amalgam of convenience and style is a cropped tank top usually held up by delicate strings or sturdy straps (according to the cup size one presumes). The bottom half is much the same as your common or garden variety of bikini.

The invention of the tankini is attributed to Designer Anne Cole, US swimwear mogul. And for those interested, the tankini inspired the Tankini Martini. There are at least two other variants on the same theme; such as the bandeaukini and camkini. Perhaps there is more where that came from?


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