hong kong fashion weekAs Fashion Weeks of the world over power along their chosen trajectories, this image from the Los Angeles Times coverage of the Hong Kong Fashion Week really caught our attention!

I mean, how it could not! That there is a person under all the head swaddling and what appears to be intestines or other entrails emerging from the belly ending in harlequin masks is not immediately evident.

The face is wholly obscured and it is only the torso and the limbs that indicate that there is indeed a human being under the very unconventional (to say the least) outfit.

Well obviously this was meant to make a statement, possibly an arty one; because this is not exactly the sort of outfit most will crave to grace their wardrobe. It’s not really wearable, unless you consider the possible exception of some extremely avant-garde Halloween party and perhaps not even then!

The creator of this definitely eye popping entry for the Hong Kong Fashion week is Hong Kong’s Michael Lau and reportedly the outfit reflects at least two of the trends projected by current Fashion shows: pale colors and a lot of surface effects. Well Michael Lau certainly got that right; as for everything else; what can we say except frankly freaky!


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