To help commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Cold War barrier’s fall, star designer Daniel Roden has created a new clothing collection that was inspired by the Berlin War theme complete with leather dresses and popular men’s art designs from the East Side Gallery.
designer Daniel Rodan

The stunning Gallery is the east side stretch of the wall which represents the art of 21 countries who sent 118 artists to paint the long 1,300 meter stretch back in 1990. While the art is graffiti styled, the works have become popularly the physical representation of the Berlin wall.

The clothing pieces represent different paintings on the wall such as a slim revealing dress that contains the image of the ‘Trabi’, a popular German automobile. On the dress it is breaking through the Berlin Wall.

Roden said that the event was challenging as it was a switch from celebrity fashion to pop art inspired clothing, but that it was stimulating to complete. Some of his other designs include a fashion accessory to the clothing line that featured leather sewn to resemble barbed wire.

designer Daniel Rodan2

All of the outfits that are modeled at the event will be also worn at celebratory events before they are auctioned to raise money for charity after the celebrations end on November 9th.

Cabaret artist Chin Meyer from Berlin commented at the opening of the event that it is nice that enough time has passed to address the Berlin Wall as a side of history with acceptance and light laughter instead of as a painful and bitter memory. The festival will end at the Brandenburg Gate with the Festival of Freedom and will include the symbolic toppling of over a thousand giant dominos.


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