fahionableThere are a thousand options that await people who want to defy the natural laws of aging including makeup, lotions, hair dye, cosmetic surgery and many other options.

However, no matter how much money you put into tapping into your eternal spring of youth if you dress old your overall appearance is going to still make you look old even with the best anti-aging practices.

This is why one of the first things you need to concentrate on while trying to gain a few years back is your wardrobe.

First off, you need to think not only about what clothes to wear, but also how you wear the styles you choose. Loose fitting clothes can make you appear shapeless or even worse out of shape as well as tired and worn down. So make sure that you are not buying a size up simply to look younger and slimmer because you will be working against yourself.

Second, for styles that do not naturally fit your body type you may want to think about paying a seamstress to adjust them to you. With all the anti-aging products that you can blow money on, spending a few extra bucks to make sure your wardrobe fits correctly is not absurd. If you shop at a higher cost department store you may be even able to find a tailor service without walking out of the door.

Finally, keep in mind that color says a lot about who you are as well. Bold colors emphasize youth confidence and flair. Duller colors make you look drab and meek which can add ten years onto your overall look quickly as well.


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