christian lacroixIn a move that many from the Fashion World have mourned, Christian Lacroix iconic French courtier and designer par excellence recently staged his last haute couture show in Paris.

The fashion world, known more for its air kissing than genuine emotion, spent a moment shedding a real tear for what is the end of road for someone who has arguably become a legend in his own time.

The Lacroix Label has been an exclusive designer name in the world of high fashion for more than two decades now, however, for most of those years; the fashion house has had to battle financial difficulties.

So now, after 22 years of existence, Lacroix has indicated that he wants to cut his losses and that by the end of the month his line of clothing would be history. Word has it that his label never made a profit and has now sought bankruptcy protection.

Then again Lacroix also indicated that new investors would be welcome, which would make a resurrection of the label a possibility; so that is not ruled out at this stage.

The French pride themselves on Lacroix; many say his work is representative of French couture, and at his last haute couture show, where some cheered for the old master, some shed tears.


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