Mens SuitsFor style, comfort and simple elegance, the standard suit has no rival in men’s fashion.

The enduring article of clothing has been enjoying a noticeable revival during recent years, perhaps suggesting that the current fashion trend is ready to regress to an earlier stage in the cycle.

In fact, it might even be said that the suits can never come back into fashion for the simple reason that they never went out of it.

Most business as well as social occasions demands a suit. Be it a wedding, a funeral or a job interview, a suit is simply the fashion de rigeur. If you just want to look good and feel smart you can not go far wrong with a suit.

There are suits available for all tastes and budgets. At the very bottom end of the scale, you can get really cheap suits for as low as $25-$50. Needless to say, you cannot expect much from these zero-frill suits. It is actually cheaper to buy one of these suits than to rent a suit for a weekend.

Suits in the middle of the price band should cost something in the neighborhood of $400-$500. This will buy you a perfectly good suit that can be worn on all occasions. The higher end of the middle range can run as high as $1200. Suits in that range can be said to be bordering on the serious side of men’s fashion.

The top of the price range for men’s suit can start from $1200. As for the higher end of the range, well use your imagination! If you have the cash and want to spend it, you can spring six, even seven figures on a designer suit without breaking sweat!


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