Most women seem to get quickly bored with their handbags and have the need to change them frequently. This is because handbags are not only useful, but they are also one of the most popular fashion accessories. Handbags come in a staggering variety of styles, colours and prices.

summer handbags1Some of them have simple designs, while others are intricate and elaborate. They can be made out of inexpensive material or leather of the highest quality. Hobos, Tote bags and Satchels are all types of handbags that are popular today among fashion-conscious women.

Karl Lagerfeld has taken this years range by storm not least of all with his handbag that is a duplicate of a Chanel shopping bag complete with large logo. Despite its slightly tacky appearance it is already one of the summer’s must have accessories.

CHîa has an exiting new range that includes retro designs, based on old perfume bottles designer June Chang went out on something of a limb with that idea but the company is now reaping the rewards as the bags fly off the shelves of Verve, Delfino, Boutique Fifty-Two, Blue Bag or any other store that still has a little stock left.

Another trend has been the move back to big, big is back with oversize handbags again taking pride of place in many great collections, but you have to wonder how long this re-emergence will last as at the end of the day these big-is-better bags seem to disappear as quickly as they arrive.

Online stores are also useful in case you can not find the ‘must have’ bag you need, or if you do not live near a major fashion centre. One big drawback is that you can not touch the articles in an online store, on element that some women will never be able to move away from.


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