Gone are the days when sunglasses were simply devices to keep the sunlight out of your eyes. Today, sunglasses are symbol of chic living or haute couture.

This exalted image has made sunglasses very expensive. The fancier the brand, the greater the price and we have been convinced that quality and price are directly related.


The range of sunglass designs available on the market today is staggering. Exquisite designs, traditional designs, ethical design, the list is endless. But how can we find out if we are actually getting value for money? Read on to find out.

There is no denying that sunglasses are fashion statements and as such their value is definitely increased by their ability to attract attention. There are a number of global brands whose products are of a really high quality. With brands like Calvin Klein, Nike, Gucci, Donna Karan and Chanel, you definitely get what you pay for.

Brands apart, some famous international celebrities such as the Beatles, Britney Spears and Elton John have “framed” their images around sunglasses. Every part of a sunglass – the lens, frame, bridge and ear support – all offer different styles and designs. Sunglasses really are collector’s item in every sense of the word.

gucci sunglasses

No matter how expensive the sunglass or how exclusive the designer, keep in mind that sunglasses offer no more protection than regular UV-proof and polarized lenses. The price of designer sunglasses have more to do with the brand than with protection value.

All things considered, sunglasses have a certain intangible quality that makes you feel fashionable and cool. It is difficult to put a price on it so don’t feel bad about having splurged on designer eye gear.


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