summer trends1Fashion trends this spring and now through the summer have an undeniably nostalgic feel about them. That is not to say that there are no fresh styles this season, but there seems to be a definite emphasis on everything retro.

Playful and colourful are two words that capture the essence of this year’s summer collections. The hottest trends this season seem to be partial to vivid colors, particularly blood-red, which conveys striking images of passion and love.

Another color that has found favor with the designers this season is purple, a remnant from last winter. Some designers though, have stuck to the classic spring colors of light green, sky blue, and grey.

As the summer progresses, it would not be a surprise to see colours like gold, yellow and orange creep into the mainstream collections. Of course, gold is a color that is more suited for accessories rather than apparel. Finally, just for the sake of completeness, we must not leave out white, black and brown, which are really colors for all seasons and occasions and as such, feature prominently in this season’s fashion as well.

In the apparel department, jewel encrusted clothes are the surprise trend this season. With a strong feminine aspect dominating much of the fashion this year, shorts and pants are notable absentees from the ramp. A popular motif for the season is African and Native American flora and folk art.

Whether or not you like it, ripped jeans seem to be making a comeback this year. If you remember, they came back a bit last year, and are coming back even further this year. This time round it is not only ripped jeans, but almost anything made of denim can be ripped freely and worn fashionably!


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