The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami has announced that L*Space by Monica Wise will be the official “Mercedes-Benz Presents” representative brand at the show.

L space

The honor has been received by other bands such as Mischka and Badgley in the past and is aimed supporting the designs of special designers who show special attention to innovation and the special use of quality materials.

This is not the first honor that the L*Space brand has received as it has been racking up awards and accolades since it began its sexy line, some of which include the Women’s Swim brand of the Year for 2007 and 2008 from the Surf Industry manufacturers Association and nominations for the 2009 SIMA awards of “Best Marketing Brand” and “Swim Brand of the Year.”

Monica Wise hopes that the attention the brand garners as a result of the Mercedes-Benz brand choice will help her new project get attention which has an actual humanitarian cause behind it.

LSpace SwimwearThe new swimsuit brand was created with aid from OmniPeace which is a charity fashion brand that gives 25% of all its profits to charities that work towards peace, the end of poverty, human rights, and education in poorer parts of Africa by the year 2025.

The designs of the collection are all named after villages in Africa that are associated with OmniPeace and are inspired by the ocean and desert areas of Africa. The collection pieces will sell at about $130 a piece with 20% of all sales donated to OmniPeace for use with their African improvement projects.


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