The London Fashion Week is provisionally scheduled to be held at Somerset House, during the third week of September. The beautiful and elegant ambiance of the venue is sure to complement the fashion on the ramp.

london fashion weekSeptember 2009 is expected to be a make or break for the London Fashion Week and the Spring/Summer collection. Leading fashion retailers know that despite the global economic downturn, there is still a hard-core market out there for exciting new fashion ideas. Marketing aggressively, innovating designs and constantly updating window displays are just some of the techniques that retailers have adopted to continue attracting customers.

In the fashion calendar, the London Fashion Week follows the New York Fashion Week and is followed by Milan and Paris. The bi-annual event is a must-see for all fashion enthusiasts. The fashion press as well as other prominent people in the industry will be jostling for positions to catch the first glimpse of the outfits that will adorn store-windows this season.

People outside of Trade and Press who wish to see catwalk shows can do so by invitation from the featured designers. More than 200 local as well as international fashion designers and fashion accessory designers are expected to be showcased during the week-long event. All exhibited works will be kept under tight wraps until they are premiered during the show.

For the average fashion enthusiast, what is perhaps even more exciting than the London Fashion Week is the London Fashion Weekend. During the Weekend, people can get up close and personal with the celebrities and buy outfits from the top labels at discounted prices. Beauty and fashion experts are also at hand during the event to give invaluable advice and tips.


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