beth dittoFashionable plus sizes are making a large entrance into some of the world’s biggest clothing chains due to a blowup from a plus sized rocker.

Beth Ditto of the band Gossip was outraged when the fashion chain Topshop of London wanted her to perform at its store where she says she would never be welcome due to the fact that the clothes would never fit. She wrote the chain a letter that said if they wanted a piece of her spunky style they should treat her the same way they would treat the slim Kate Moss.

Her complaint made it up to the parent group of Topshop, Arcadia Group who allowed her to create a brand new collection for Evans, the plus sized line of the company.

Now available, the design allows plus sized fashion models to rock a more fashionable look which is quickly becoming the norm for larger adolescents who were previously forced into clothes that made them look plain and old due to a lack of choices.

Arcadia Group is not the only fashion chain to invest in fashionable clothes for plus sized people, as many major fashion chains are now marketing to their heavier clientele including Forever 21, Target, and the creation of many new niche shops aimed directly at the plus sized audience.

According to the NPD Group, a US based market research firm, sale to girls and young women aged 13 to 34 of plus sized clothes totaled up to $5.8 billion.

NPD analyst said that the figure shows that the lack of previous growth in the plus sized market was clearly due to the economy and not because of the lack of public interest.


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