dubai fashion fiestaThe Dubai Fashion Fiesta 2009 will open on June 19th at the notable new fashion location at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Fiesta is also one of the main highlights of the Dubai Summer Surprises 2009.

The Fiesta will feature new collections from 34 different notable designers including some newcomers who will serve as representatives of the global fashion scene for four consecutive days.

This is the third annual occurrence of the festival which also includes a trade exposition segment which will help the business aspect of fashion flourish as well.

Raising the bar even more is that the attendees of the Fiesta are all high profile fashion industry members who have received special invites to the show which will additionally feature 40 well known international models and celebrities.

The show will feature designs that are both classic and contemporary representing the new summer season trends. As an international fashion show, designs from Europe, Asia, and US will all be on display with designers from all three countries contributing to the final shows and the exhibition halls.

The focus of the Fiesta is to bring together a high profile audience, international media conglomerates, and global leading retailers.

This year the Fiesta will also emphasize new talent on the fashion scene by holding a special segment entitled the Emerging Designer Awards which is aimed to showcase the talent of the new designers and honor their contributions to the current fashion industry.

24 new designers will be also be invented to additionally take part in a talent contest to allow them to place their most creative designs in the spotlight.


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