calvin kleinThis summer’s swimsuit fashions exude confidence and a sexy body, and for those that don’t have either of the two above ingredients, you will once jump into one of the many slimming bust building and overall sexy styles.

Even one-piece swimwear suits have been updated to include strategic cuts that are guaranteed to be nothing like what your grandmother would have ever worn.

From skimpy bikinis to monokinis to playful boy shorts and bandeau’s, just about everybody will get some attention at the beach this summer if they head out to purchase a new summer suit.

For those that want a special touch, Calvin Klein has great minimalistic choices to help you show off both of your best assets: your body and your self confidence.

Plus, the designer Klein line also has you covered with every and any accessory that you may need to complete your day at the beach including cover-ups, pareos, bags, and fabulous sunglasses that will place you right on par with Fergie.

calvin klein swimwearOne thing that is appealing about the Klein line this year is that it is not so much about bling-bling or barely-there choices; instead the line is mostly current but minimalistic letting your body lends its shape and touch to most of the line.

Even better, curvy is in this year as most of the models are a bit thicker for the Klein line giving normal people a chance at looking great as they should.

Additionally, as always the Calvin Klein swimwear is made at the same high quality of every piece of clothing on the line, so you know you are getting a product that will be around for some time.


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